Eighty percent of all soccer balls come from an industrial city in Pakistan. The balls get world-wide fame, now also their last stigma is eradicated - in the ball mills of Sialkot, child labor is prohibited.
Child labor remains a problem: "Some children are transfered simply to other industrial branches".
Schweizer am Hindukusch

A Swiss flag dangles from the tent wall, a pos-ter beside it shows the
Lake Geneva. Beat Aeberhard, 45, sits at his folding table and smokes a cigarette. Eight o'clock in the morning. Minus fifteen degrees outdoors. A heating hose blows warm air in his tent, used as the living room and bedroom.


15 square meters "Little Switzerland", so he called his kome in Camp Warehouse.
Behind a green tarpaulin, his camp bed. Aeberhardt puts his gloves on, searches his bullet-proof vest and leaves the tent. On his way to the tanks ice crunches under his feet, the frost paints red spots on his brown face. Soldiers come from the opposite direction. They salute, Aeberhard greets in italian, french,
german and english language. In front of a Dingo 2, a green minesecure tank, Robert Thiele, 30, a first lieutenant of the German Bundeswehr, is waiting. "Swiss contingent is complete, " Aeberhard announces with a grin. He is one of four in Kabul.

Gun City

A visit to Darra Adam Khel, the largest illegal weapons forge in the Far East.
Moeen Zack Arias is crazy about a Glock 18, a rare and valuable murder instrument. For years he seeks the good piece, although he has got two Kalashnikovs and nine pistols at home: a Glock 17, 22 and 34, a Colt nine millimeter, a Walther PKK, a Luger MK II, as well as a machine gun HK MP5. "If I do not find this gun here, where else?" he asked and caresses a nine-millimeter revolver versed in silver with engraved barrel. "Call me Zack," says the Pakistani with a strong american accent.
Zack is in the mid-forties, wears bomber jacket, gold pilot's goggles and red cowboy-boots. Casual he leans on a house wall and fills cartridges in the the revolvers magazine. Once a week he goes to Darra Adam Khel. "This is the hardest village in Asia, " he says, and without looking, he holds the weapon over his head and shoots a bullet in the sky.

Farzana Wahidy

Farzana Wahidy and her unforgettable images...
Farzana is not wearing a burka to veil her body. She wears a denim jacket and a cap - and a camera over her shoulder.
The 21-year-old attracts attention in Kabul.
The pictures of the youg woman attracted at-tention while we visited AINA.


AINA is the first independent photographic press agency and Afghanistan.
For Farzanas photos see www.ainaphoto.org.

Deutscher bei US Armee

He did not wanted to stay in germany. The love and a life without prospects took him to the United States. Friends and family thought that he would return soon.
But Axel Schulz remained, became a soldier and today he is fighting in the crusades of the superpower - as an american.

Priester der Landlosen
A German priest in Brazil is building churches like a chessboard principle.
He takes care of the many residents of Mato Grosso, which do not belong to the few large-landowners.
He lets the landless come together at church services.
Portraits of victims of the tsunami and the campaign by stern magazine "schools to help schools."
Rumaenien EU

Romania in 2007 became a member of the EU.
The wrap is clearly visible.

(Different journeys) ...

  • Stock and Symbol-photos.
  • Politicians.
  • Sibiu (Cultural Capital 2007).
Nacht der Sterne, Teleskop
Planetarium Kreuzlingen, Switzerland.
Galactic: More than 100,000 people came for the "Long Night of the Stars" at September, the 18th to discover the distant worlds in the sky.


Alkohol Exzess

„Draining the Ego“
In Germany, a small but important network of treatment centers for alcohol addicted teenagers is growing...


The party pictures of the story.

Alkohl Entzug

„Draining the Ego“
In Germany, a small but important network of treatment centers for alcohol addicted teen-agers is growing...
The door is open and there stands Ingrid *, inconclusive, she keeps down the latch. She just had an idea: She will go now.
Actually, she only wanted a short smoke. "What should I do now?" asks the seventeen year old, her hands still on the door. The world outside has nothing lost of the maelstrom. It is not two months ago when she had almost devoured. At this time Ingrid sat on the bridge over the Inn in their former home town and wanted to jump.
Ingrid is just about to quit her treatment. She stands at the exit of the
drug clinic forest monastery in Memmingen and hesitates. The first bottle she drank at the age of 14 was easy to get. My first Cola schnaps. Ingrid was running out of the house after a dispute with her mother. The girl drank five Cola schnapses until the evening. "
Heat, " recalls Ingrid. "you will never forget it." - "You hear better with alcohol and you can see better. You can dance as you want. "

The former headmistress Hermione Jinga-Roth shows socially disadvantaged children on a farm near Sibiu, where cereals, milk and meat come from and how to respect each other around. The 64-year-old in Siebenbuergen makes proof: Doing helps more than wailing.
Mit Heissluftballon ueber Alpen

Actually, panic would be announced. Directly in front of us there are hundreds of meters of depth. Behind us, too. And this is just the beginning. We climb higher and higher, through the cloud ceiling. The air is icy minus 20 degrees cold. A strong northerly wind pushes us to the main Alpine ridge. Not until 5,840 meters our ascent will end.

But something seems not to be right with us, instead of fear, enthusiasm is the vibe among the yellow hull of the hot-air balloons, which curves thirty meters above us.

Concordes letzter Weg
Flown she is twice as fast as the sonic. On her last journey the lady was pulled lowpace into the Car And Technology Museum in Sinsheim: The Concorde, the most exciting passenger plane that has ever been built. Traveling to the museum was the farewell to the era of su-personic travel - luxurious, dramatically quick, 3.5 hours from Europe to America. By lowloader and Ponton, the Concorde F-BVFB was brought to Sinsheim museum.
Verrueckte Haustiere
Exotic pets.
More and more germans are passionate about animals from distant countries. As for the one is a dog, cat, fish or bird, is for the other crocodi-le, monkey or Giant snake.
But the coexistence with strange species be-comes often more complicated than expected.
Bloede Mutter

In the former GDR disabled women were enforced to be sterilized. By the fall of the wallthe NGO „AWO“ founded a housing project that conveys to women the needs of their children.

The TV is running. David sits in front of it, freshly bathed in pyjamas, on his red plastic chair. In front of the screen, pacifier sucking, the brown eyes very awake. * Petra squats on the bed right behind him. She observes him jumping, with his little hand touching the screen, where the eastgerman sandman is telling stories with his sandy red-hat I-Love-You-All-face. "David," Petra says slowly. Nothing more. Whether it disturbs her, whether she will tell David that the sandman is not for cuddling? David does not respond and goes on snuggling the screen until Petra pulls herself together and takes her son in her arms.

With thick cheeks, red faced as their skirt, so the hunters blow the welcome signal through their hunting horn.
Sit, collect, apply! Three dozen ladies and gentlemen on horseback join the huntsman, the hunt cites. The Quorn was one of the most traditional societies in british foxhunting.

Free project.
No text available.


Shortly before midnight. The glass door in the café Pssst always open and close, lonely men enter, couples leave the store. Otherwise there is a pubs mood, soft music, anything bet-ween Udo Juergens and Britney Spears.
Behind the counter two young women tap beer and a package with huge muscles mixes cock-tails.

The TV in the corner shows a typical titty night program.
On the red wall beside the mirrors some condom packs are placed. Trixie sits on a bar stools, their blonde braids are after the sweet fragrant perfume.
Plush collar. In one hand she holds a applejuice, in the other a cigarette. She tells of their great leader Feli, the first prostitute in court.


The proposal of some politicians to use german long-term unemployed in the Asparagus har-vest, met with resistance.
Especially the asparagus farmers want more seasonal workers from Eastern Europe
„Employers that are reliable.“

The President of the German Farmers Associ-ation, Gerd Sonnleitner said, training programs with the BA had shown that the majority of local harvest helpers are unreliable. "Since the introduction of Hartz IV, there is an increased demand, but most are not able to face the heavy work, and get sick. "



Unbenanntes Dokument
Unbenanntes Dokument