Czech refinery:
The company Unimontex, a subsidiary of Reinhold & Mahla / Bilfinger Berger leads the maintenance of the Litvinov refinery.
Currently, a complex Shut Down and Check Up takes place. Many parts are fixed or renewed by Unimontex.

For DaimlerChrysler Financial Services, I visited a truckage company in Mato Grosso, the wild west of Brazil.
The DaimlerChrysler Bank is expecting a strong future in the leasing business with Trucks.

BLUETEC stands for low-emission trucks, which match today the EU criterias from 2009.

BLUETEC is the future for the cleanest diesel in the world. First diesel vehicles are available on the U.S. market.


"Blue sky over Warsaw."
Coal-fired power plants are usually not the most covered photo motives of tourists. But in the garden of the Warsaw baroque castle Wilanow the visitors look fascinated into the water, where between boxwood hedges and stone statues the chimneys of the nearby cogeneration plant Siekierki reflect.


Although it is winter and the plant runs fully loaded, only small white flags pass of the chimneys. The sky is deep blue over Warsaw.


Waiting is finally over. Commuters come in time for work and are no longer in traffic jams, because in front of them the wings of an outdated bascule bridge open to make space for a container ship in direction Baltic Sea on the Trave. The bottleneck is eliminated: Since August 2005 the traffic goes through the two modern tubes of the 800 meter-long Herren-tunnel under the river bridge.


Since months Patrik Meyer and Joachim Thomas are working for the 29th June 2005. Then - on the perfectly trimmed lawn of the restored Frankfurt Waldstadion - the referee tingles the final of the Confederations Cup, and 48,000 fans are celebrating a football festival - the dress rehearsal for the World Cup 2006.


The best accident is, in any case, the one which does not happen, "says Breitling. His engineers are spurred by this credo to a very special ingenuity: For Mercedes-Benz vehicles up to 4,692 inventions help to avoid accidents. In extreme situations they will be the best help, because even the most experienced driver is a not immune for surprises on the road. "On our test tracks I attended everything. Ice in the curve and obstacles that suddenly appear," says Thomas Breitling. "Actually, I do know how to properly respond. But when my car really came into slides in winter, I was realy glad that our technology works so well! "


The employees of the Diabel factory in Frankfurt work in one of the most modern pro-duction facilities for human insulin, in which Pfizer already held a share of 50 per cent.
The first inhalation-insulin is produced here.
Production process.


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