* CV.
  • Born 1976 | grew up in Dinslaken.

  • Since 1990 various internships:
    Bilderberg, VISUM, RAG corporate communications, Klaus M. Lehmann and others.

  • Freelancer for various daily newspapers. Theater and film work. Exhibition "fear and dream", various group exhibitions, group exhibition at photokina.

  • 1992 German Youth Photo Price | DJF.
    (Federal Ministry of Youth, Family, Seniors).
  • 1993 photo contest "Elder people in Europe".
    (European Parliament).

  • 1996 graduation. Moved to Hamburg. Civil service.
  • From 1997 photo journalist at Bongarts photo reportage.

  • 1998 Assistant for Professor Rolf Nobel.
  • Starting to study photography at the Academy Of Visual Arts in Leipzig.
  • 1999 advertising campaign to bid for the 'World Cup 2006' (DFB / DMB & B). Discontinuation of studies in Leipzig.

  • From 2001 until 2007 Sebastian Lasse was represented by ZEITENSPIEGEL reports.
    Available reports, featuring South America, Asia and Eastern Europe.

  • Journalistic photography for magazines. Excerpt:
    Cicero, db mobile, Focus, The New Yorker, Planeta Humano, Sie + Er, Spiegel, Stern, taz, Tokyo Magazine, Woman ...
  • PR, advertising photography & business reports. Excerpt:
    Bilfinger Berger, DaimlerChrysler, DaimlerChrysler Bank, Greenpeace, KarstadtQuelle, Otto Versand, Pfizer, Premiere ...

  • Since May 2007, Sebastian Lasse is represented by Getty Images and VISUM.


Unbenanntes Dokument
Unbenanntes Dokument